Professional Grade Wi-Fi Controller With Hydrawise Web-based Software


As the times change, so do your irrigation needs. At S&L Irrigation we strive to offer the best quality products and service to our valued customers.

The Hunter Pro-HC controller is the newest way to improve any sprinkler system and monitor watering to ensure the perfect lawn and landscape you’re looking for. With Features including

  • Full-functioning controller with touchscreen

  • Wi-Fi enabled for simple and fast connection to the internet

  • Predictive Watering Adjustments

  • Remote Access Through the Hydrawise App

  • Flow Meter Detection and Alerts*

  • Contractor Access and Monitoring**

  • Hydrawise EPA Watersense Approved Smart Watering

The Hunter Pro-HC is a perfect upgrade for all homeowners. The Pro-HC can be upgraded on any sprinkler system, old or new.

Contact S&L Irrigation for more information and to schedule the installation of your Hunter Pro-HC wi-fi controller today!

*Requires separate installation of HC Flow Meter

**Ask for details about our monthly system monitoring